Is Watching Too Much TV Causing Lower Back Pain?

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I can’t say that I don’t like TV. In fact, I can spend hours each week watching my favorite shows. If late, I have been having a dull pain in my lower back when I remain seated in front of my TV. The pain usually goes away after I stand and do some stretching exercises. My main concern is whether sitting in front of my TV for a couple hours each day will have long term health effects such as lower left back pain.

Why the lower back

The lower back is quite sensitive. Unlike the upper back which works in conjunction with the ribcage to support the head and neck, the lower back consists of a set of lumbar bones and muscles. These work together to support the upper body.

This body part is subject to tons of pressure daily. Any body position including sleeping applies some form of pressure on the lumbar disks in the lower back.

When watching TV

As mentioned, any body position will apply pressure on the lower back. We all have our favorite position for watching TV. However, some positions are highly likely to induce lower back pain than others. For example, a person is seated on a couch. The sitting position is such that only the upper back comes into contact with the back rest. This position applies more pressure on the lower back than is the whole back touches the backrest.

To reduce risk of developing lower back pain, sitting upright with both feet planted on the ground is recommended. This way, the whole back retains its neutral position. This allows the upper body’s weight to be distributed between the lower back and the pelvic area. Positions to avoid when watching TV include slouched forward towards the screen, leaning back with feet elevated and sleeping.

Other causes of back pain

Besides wrong posture back pain can be caused by the following.

Lifting heavy objects can cause lower back pain. In this instance, it’s all about the position you take when lifting the heavy object. To lift safely, it’s recommended the you bend the knees slightly to balance out the weight throughout the lower body. Lifting a heavy object the wrong way can strain the lower back muscles causing pain and inflammation.

Being overweight is another common cause of back pain. As mentioned, the lower back is quite sensitive and, carries the whole upper body’s weight. Excess weight and reduces core strength can apply excess pressure on the lower back muscles. This can result in right side back pain and weight loss is the only remedy. Besides obesity, pregnancy can also cause lower back pain in women.

Back pain can also be a symptom of an underlying health condition. Some of these conditions include kidney stones, spinal stenosis, herniated disk, cancer of the spine and, conditions affecting the female reproductive organs. In such instances, treating the underlying health condition will ne needed in order to get rid of the pain.

Watching too much TV isn’t necessarily the reason why I have back pain. However, how long I sit watching TV and my sitting position play a huge role in determining whether I develop lower back pain or not.

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