How to Treat Kidney Stones At Home

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My first encounter with kidney stones was by chance. I had happened to get back from work and as usual was surfing the TV for a show that would help me relax. The winner was a talk show whose guest was a nephrologist. The shows discussion focused on kidney stones. The guest continued to explain about the different causes of kidney stones, what do kidney stone feel like, preventive measures and some of the available contemporary treatments. Some of the treatments involved use of prescription drugs which could have side effects if used for the long term.

I was more interested in herbal and home remedies which I consider safer. After conducting some research here are some of the safe remedies for kidney stones you can use at home.

The first remedy and most advocated for is taking plenty of fluids. Kidney stones form when urine is so concentrated with minerals that they crystallize. Fluids help to keep the urine highly saturated therefore preventing the formation of kidney stones. In instances where the patient has already developed stones, taking plenty of fluids will promote the disintegration, dissolving and removal of the stones. Water is the preferred fluid to take. You can however take other non alcoholic and decaffeinated drinks under supervision of a doctor.

The second remedy involves taking foods rich in fiber. Fiber is a non digestible carbohydrate that serves many useful purposes in the body. It’s responsible for promoting digestive health, promotes water retention in the body and, has been found to promote removal of oxalates and calcium in the body. By taking adequate amounts of fiber, you are actually preventing growth of existing stones while at the same time allowing them to disintegrate. Some of the good sources of fiber include whole meals like corn and wheat bran and some vegetables.

Third, nettle leaf tea is another of the great home remedies for kidney stones. Besides providing a good supply of vitamins and minerals, the stinging nettle acts as a natural diuretic. A good amount of this herb will keep the urine flowing allowing you to clean out the stone from the body.

The fourth remedy focuses more on relieving pain as well as dissolving the stone. It involves two steps performed simultaneously. In the first step, mix olive oil with pure lemon juice in equal proportions. 2oz of each can do and drink the mixture after which you should take a glass of water. After about half an hour, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Drink the mixture. Repeat the procedure every hour until pain symptoms subside.

Fifth, taking less of some fruits will also help reduce kidney stones. Although fruits provide a punch of healthy vitamins and minerals, too much can result in the development of kidney stones. Fruits especially rich in vitamin C should be taken with caution. The reason for this is that the body usually converts excess vitamin C into oxalates. A high amount of oxalates in the blood will increase the risk of developing kidney stones.

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