Pancreatitis in Cats

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Just recently, a friend of mine mentioned about her cat suffering from pancreatitis. When she mentioned that, I remembered some time ago about a television show talking about common diseases that can affect both animals and humans. And one of them is pancreatitis.

The number of cats suffering from pancreatitis seems to be on the rise as evidenced by the increasing number of diagnosed cases. It is estimated that around 40 to 70 percent of deaths in cats indicate pancreatitis as a causative factor. But some of these cats suffered pancreatic injury or damage due to other disease aside from pancreatitis.

cat with vetAlthough not as common as mange in cats, pancreatitis in cats also affect a significant number of cats worldwide. This condition is characterized by the inflammation in the pancreas which is an organ that plays a vital role in digestion and insulin production. Acute of chronic pancreatitis may affect cats regardless of breed, sex or age. Mild to severe symptoms may also just appear suddenly. These symptoms include lethargy, fever, dehydration and weight loss. You may also notice your cat’s sclera and skin turning yellowish. Some cats may also experience vomiting and difficulty in breathing. And even more serious if your cat did not have any food intake for several days. It can increase its risk of accumulation of fats in the liver resulting to lipidosis which can be fatal.

According to the television show, the causes of feline pancreatitis are not yet well understood. Based on some research, there seems to be a connection between inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis. Some scientists also say that this disease may be associated with obesity, high intake of fats or physical trauma in the pancreas. Certain health conditions such as diabetes mellitus, inflammation of the intestine or liver, and kidney problems may also lead to pancreatitis. The same is true with exposure to chemical toxins and intake of certain drugs.

There is no known ways yet on how to help cats avoid or prevent pancreatitis. And the prognosis for cats who suffer from pancreatitis largely depends on the severity of the symptoms. In the past, there has been difficulty in diagnosing and treating this disease. But as more and more veterinarians become knowledgeable about this condition and also with the help of modern diagnostic equipment, many cats with this condition are now properly diagnosed and treated and have completely recovered.

Veterinarians normally diagnose feline pancreatitis through blood tests. Once diagnosed, the animal is required to be hospitalized and remain in the facility until another set of blood tests will confirm that the pancreatic enzyme values of the animal are already normal. Unfortunately, even after complete recovery, this condition may recur in the future time. So, pet owners should always be on the watch for the symptoms of this disease.

Pancreatitis is a serious health condition which could affect your cat. If your cat manifests any of its symptoms, it would be good to see your veterinarian to detect the real condition of your pet. Pancreatitis could be fatal if not diagnosed as early as possible and given immediate treatment.

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