Facts about Stretch Marks Removal

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You have probably come across a TV ad promoting a stretch marks removal product. You’ve also probably thought of ways how to remove stretch marks. Millions of women are continuously seeking the perfect cream or home remedies for stretch mark removal. With the countless products available and marketers swearing by them, it’s hard to differentiate between fact and claim. The following guide will shed some light on stretch marks and their removal.

How stretch marks occur

A stretch mark is simply a break that occurs under the skins surface. This happens when the body grows abnormally causing skin cells to separate. The result is a scar which is commonly known as a stretch mark. Growth spurts like these happen during pregnancy or fast body growth during puberty and weight gain.


It’s hard to prevent development of stretch marks especially if the body is at a fast growth stage. There are creams touted to help prevent development of stretch marks. Most of these contain vitamins and moisturizers which help keep the skin nourished and smooth. Some women say that the creams help them prevent stretch mark development during pregnancy. However, there isn’t much proof to support these claims. A theory put forward suggests that the massaging effect of the cream coupled by the active ingredients stimulates the skin to stretch as the body grows thus preventing stretch marks.

Body parts affected

Common parts of the body where stretch marks develop are those that contain fat reserves for the body as well as parts that experience growth during pregnancy. These include stretch marks on breasts, thighs, upper arms, thighs, buttocks and belly.

Products for stretch marks removal

The millions of products claiming to remove stretch marks usually contain active ingredients that are designed to moisturize, exfoliate and promote development of new skin cells. Common ingredients include vitamin A, E, C, allantonin and glycolic acid. Some contain oils such as cocoa butter which is believed to promote skin flexibility and prevent drying out.

Stretch mark development is usually accelerated by skin dryness. So to some extent, these products play a role in removal of the scars. Since the stretch mark is simply a scar, removal of dead skin cells and promotion of the growth of new skin cells can get rid of the stretch marks to some point. But are these products effective in stretch marks removal?

Most dermatologists agree that there isn’t a single product that can completely remove stretch marks. These products can fade the stretch mark to some extent but won’t completely eliminate the scar. The same is true for home based stretch mark removal products.

So are these products worth investing in?

With the countless products available, it’s safe to say that not all live up to their claimed stretch mark elimination properties. There are however a number of products which will do a relatively good job as far as making the scars fade over time. The best thing to do when looking for a product to use is look for one containing the aforementioned ingredients and, doesn’t contain ingredients which dehydrate the skin such as alcohol.

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