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ENFJ Relationships

When you watch various television programs, the differences in personality types of famous celebrities and other public figures are very noticeable. There are performers, achievers, counselors, introverts and extroverts among others. You could easily distinguish them even with just a few minutes of watching a particular program.

One of the most interesting personality types are those of famous achievers in their respective fields such as Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and Peyton Manning, among others. Do you know that they share a similar personality type? Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the personality type of these famous figures is ENFJ which stands for Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.

ENFJ is just one of the 16 different personality types identified by the MBTI. David Keirsey, a renowned psychologist suggested that only approximately two to five percent of all people have this type of personality. Aside from the famous personalities just mentioned, you may also recognize Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the program “Dr. House,” Steve Keaton in “Family Ties,” Faye Valentine in “Cowboy Bebop,” and Jules Winnfield in “Pulp Fiction.”

Based on the definitions of ENFJ, Extraversion means that this personality has great people skills. They are warm, caring and affectionate on others. They are also outgoing and enjoy the company of others. Being on a social setting makes them feel more energized. Intuition means that they are always thinking ahead of time and into the future, rather than worrying about the present. Sometimes, they place too much focus on greater goals, causing them to lose their sight on the present and most immediate needs.  When making decisions, they often put important considerations on personal feelings rather than objective criteria. Their primary concern is more often dependent on how a decision can affect others. Finally, Judging in their personality describes their organizational and communication skills. They are organized and rely on careful planning. In their work, they feel to be in control if they are able to stick to their schedule.

ENFJ has numerous strengths, which makes many ENFJ relationships successful compared to other relationships such as INFP relationships. ENFJs are warm, affectionate, loyal, and are driven to meet the needs of others. They are also inspirational and motivational, always helping other people bring out the best in them. On the negative side, they have the tendency to become overprotective, controlling and manipulative. Sometimes, they also forget about social protocol and neglect themselves for the sake of other people.

As lovers, ENFJs are committed to their spouses or partners and are dedicated to make their relationships successful. They are also serious about their commitments. As parents, they are serious about parenting roles and are hands-on in teaching their children about values and goals. They also make a great friend as they always support and help bring out the best of others. They are fun to be with and always seek to develop close relationships with their friends.

There is so much to like about the personalities of ENFJ people. That is what makes many of them become successful leaders and motivators. Although they may also have negative traits, it is truly a treasure if you meet someone who has this personality.

Tips for Keeping the Scalp Healthy

I was watching an ad selling hair shampoo the other day. According to the advertiser, this shampoo had the ability to add shine and bounce to hair. I thought it was great and even considered buying it for my curly hair that is hard to manage at times. However, I’m always cautious about hair products. I’d bought shampoo that led to some hair loss sometime back. I did some research into the product and found that all it does is add a layer of chemicals to the hair shaft and didn’t address the hair follicle. Simply put, it can interfere with the hair follicle leading to hair damage and even loss. I dropped the thought of buying the shampoo immediately.

I had been looking for a shampoo that will help me manage my hair but in vain. Perhaps I was looking at things the wrong way. “What if it’s not the shampoo only but the health of my scalp that’s the problem?” I thought. If I focus on keeping my scalp healthy, then maybe I can avoid the constant itching which often leads to scabs on scalp. I decided to work on keeping the scalp and skin healthy through the following ways.

My first step towards a healthier scalp involved eating the right food. A healthy scalp needs a good supply of protein, zinc, iron, vitamins and essential oils. Lack of these nutrients leads to a dry flaky scalp. Other symptoms of lack of these nutrients include abnormal hair growth, hair loss and damage to the hair follicle. To get a good supply of these minerals, foods such as eggs, fish, berries and green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet.

My second step was washing my hair daily. The scalp is home to millions of microorganism including bacteria and, fungi. These need to be kept in manageable amounts through washing. Mild soap or shampoo is recommended as opposed to products that claim to do magic for the hair. The mild soap will remove any excess microorganism as well as remove dead skin cells which have developed on the scalp. Washing also removes excess oils which have settled on the skins surface.

By washing the head daily, I reduce the risk of developing scalp folliculitis, a serious condition. This is a condition that occurs when bacteria, skin oils and microorganisms clog the hair follicle causing an itchy rush.

My third step involved weekly massaging of the scalp. In addition to providing relief for stress, a head massage also promotes scalp health. A good massage promotes the flow of blood to the hair follicles. This ensures that the hair follicle has a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients needed for the growth of healthy hair.

Finally, I always ensure that my scalp doesn’t dry out. I usually apply petroleum jelly on the scalp to prevent drying. The reason why I use petroleum jelly is that it isn’t water soluble and won’t therefore seep into the skin. Its also easy to wash off with soap and warm water.

How to Treat Kidney Stones At Home

My first encounter with kidney stones was by chance. I had happened to get back from work and as usual was surfing the TV for a show that would help me relax. The winner was a talk show whose guest was a nephrologist. The shows discussion focused on kidney stones. The guest continued to explain about the different causes of kidney stones, what do kidney stone feel like, preventive measures and some of the available contemporary treatments. Some of the treatments involved use of prescription drugs which could have side effects if used for the long term.

I was more interested in herbal and home remedies which I consider safer. After conducting some research here are some of the safe remedies for kidney stones you can use at home.

The first remedy and most advocated for is taking plenty of fluids. Kidney stones form when urine is so concentrated with minerals that they crystallize. Fluids help to keep the urine highly saturated therefore preventing the formation of kidney stones. In instances where the patient has already developed stones, taking plenty of fluids will promote the disintegration, dissolving and removal of the stones. Water is the preferred fluid to take. You can however take other non alcoholic and decaffeinated drinks under supervision of a doctor.

The second remedy involves taking foods rich in fiber. Fiber is a non digestible carbohydrate that serves many useful purposes in the body. It’s responsible for promoting digestive health, promotes water retention in the body and, has been found to promote removal of oxalates and calcium in the body. By taking adequate amounts of fiber, you are actually preventing growth of existing stones while at the same time allowing them to disintegrate. Some of the good sources of fiber include whole meals like corn and wheat bran and some vegetables.

Third, nettle leaf tea is another of the great home remedies for kidney stones. Besides providing a good supply of vitamins and minerals, the stinging nettle acts as a natural diuretic. A good amount of this herb will keep the urine flowing allowing you to clean out the stone from the body.

The fourth remedy focuses more on relieving pain as well as dissolving the stone. It involves two steps performed simultaneously. In the first step, mix olive oil with pure lemon juice in equal proportions. 2oz of each can do and drink the mixture after which you should take a glass of water. After about half an hour, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Drink the mixture. Repeat the procedure every hour until pain symptoms subside.

Fifth, taking less of some fruits will also help reduce kidney stones. Although fruits provide a punch of healthy vitamins and minerals, too much can result in the development of kidney stones. Fruits especially rich in vitamin C should be taken with caution. The reason for this is that the body usually converts excess vitamin C into oxalates. A high amount of oxalates in the blood will increase the risk of developing kidney stones.