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Top Supplements for Anxiety Relief

We’ve all had anxious moments in life. Whether it’s when preparing for an interview or even watching your favorite soccer team play against your biggest rivals; it’s a natural feeling and, usually comes and goes away. There are however individuals whose anxiety episodes are more exaggerated. That is, they tend to last longer and have extreme symptoms compared to those seen during normal anxiety. Besides mental distress, the patient experiences physical symptoms which include shortness of breath and anxiety chest pain. Before going into detail about the top supplements used to treat anxiety and its symptoms, I’d like to take a look at the chest pain caused by anxiety.

What causes chest pain during anxiety?

An anxiety attack triggers different processes in the body. One is hyperventilation as the body tries to get more oxygen to the organs. The result is constriction of the blood vessels applying more pressure on the heart. As a result, excruciating chest pain can result. Another cause of chest pain during anxiety is bloating that results as a symptom. The excess gas in the stomach enables it to expand applying pressure on surrounding organs and tissue including the lungs and diaphragm. This causes chest pain. In some instances, the chest pain has no apparent cause. It’s all in the patients head. This is especially common in patients who have had similar attack and, expect to experience chest pain every time they are anxious.

The chest pain might have similar symptoms with heart attacks. However, in most cases chest pain caused by anxiety remains concentrated in the chest cavity compared to heart attack chest pain which travels through the shoulders and arms.

Top supplements for anxiety

L-theanine is one of the most efficient natural ways of treating anxiety. This compound is commonly found in green tea. Studies show that L-theanine helps to reduce rising heart rate and lower blood pressure, both of which are symptoms of anxiety. In addition, the compound triggers release of anti-anxiety chemicals from the brain which helps a person feel calmer.

Hops contain oils which have a sedative effect. Commonly used in beer, hops have been found to help reduce anxiety symptoms in patients. The sedative effect usually helps the patient become more relaxed. Taken in adequate amounts, hops can induce sleep. This herb has a bitter taste and is best taken with other anxiety busting herbs like chamomile.

Valerian is another herb that’s used to treat anxiety. It works more or less in the same way as hops ut is much stronger. This herb has a nasty smell and taste and is usually taken with other herbs such as chamomile or as a capsule.

Chamomile although effective when used with other herbs can also reduce anxiety when used on its own. This herb contains active ingredients which bind to brain receptors blocking the effects of chemicals released during anxiety.

Magnesium rich diets can also help treat anxiety. This mineral promotes a healthy nervous system. Some studies show that patients with low magnesium tended to have severe symptoms associated with anxiety and panic attacks.